Monday, May 19, 2008

Maggie & Evie

I just have to post a little something more about these 2 little girls. I promise I will post another card soon :) I had such a lovely time in Montana visiting Carrie & Joe and their 2 beautiful little baby girls. It's amazing to see such little babies and knowing all that is being done to help them grow...just amazing. I can't wrap my mind around it! This is Carrie with Maggie 13 days old. Please feel free to visit their website MayDayGirls I wish we lived closer :(


Dawny P said...

Hey Zee - glad you are back in blogland lol xx I did keep checking and then I went a bit awol myself and when I came back, wow you have 3 gorgeous cards!! Love them all - even without your trademark sparkly bits!! The middle one is sooo pretty.

Re those little girlies, how teeny tiny are they, bless their little hearts. I read their blog and they truly are little fighters. Hope you are are ok and not missing your mum too much chicken xxx

Marlou said...

awwwww, Zee, the little babies are beautiful, bless them , real miracles from The Lord xx

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