Friday, August 1, 2008


Just a little reminder that my store will now be closed until January 09. We leave for Beijing at the end of August but I needed to make sure that all of my orders (especially my overseas ones) were all completed and items arrived safely :)

I have started to get ready for my trip. I have about 5 boxes of Fiber 1 cereal and I have 120 bars of Cadbury's fudge hahaha! I can live on just those if I need to ;)

I am chatting with a lady called Kristen who has been in Beijing for a while now and is staying in the same building that we will be in and she is helping me out, telling me places I can go and things I can do. She has also put me a little package together of pain medications for my kids & wet wipes, vitamins etc. She is SO nice. She is even on the hunt for my Fiber 1 over there. LOVE her! Here is a link to her blog - hey mine will look like hers soon! Maybe not so many words though, I'm not too good at blogging...I'm still quite new at it all.

Make sure you keep coming back and checking in on us :)

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joslyn said...

i am so excited for you and your family. quite the adventure!! good luck packing i will be checking here often to see how you are doing.