Saturday, November 3, 2007

CKC Seattle

I have been having an absolute BLAST helping out Lizzie Anne Designs at CKC Seattle. This is why there is a lack of new cards on my blog! Too busy looking at all the cool scrapbook/card making companies. I have picked up a few little goodies that I am VERY excited about and I will be selling in my eBay store by Monday so make sure you check them out :)
I also had a photo taken with Lisa Bearnson - the founder of Creating Keepsakes! I haven't met anyone famous before (apart from Richard Cadell - the Sooty guy (Only British people will understand who that is!)) I will insert the photo as soon as I get it. It was taken on Tricia's Camera.
I am so excited about all the new products I have bought. Can't wait to get them on my eBay site!
Check back soon!!!


Latisha said...

How cool that you met Lisa Bearnson!!! I stalk her blog :)

Tiffiny said...

Sounds like you had a good time at CK Seattle. I think it's great you met Lisa B.