Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'm exhausted!!! Not only did we work VERY hard we played extremely hard too :D Here we are on our first day. This is after practically 2 crazy days at Disney!!! So before the day even started our feet were crying!!! The booth turned out beautifully. We gave out a LOT of Catalogues too. VERY exciting! Joslyn and I walked around the show floor to see what was new and a 'MUST' have. CHA is HUGE! Very easy to get lost. I made some purchases for my store which I am excited to tell you about later (SOON!).
Erm...Soarin 7 times in a row baby!!!! Yes you read it right. We went to a CHA dinner dance at California Adventure Tuesday night and we got to ride Soarin exclusively for 2 whole hours, I dare say we made the most of it! 3 times in a row we were able to stay on - IN THE FROM ROW! I love Disney! We really needed it too, we needed to de-stress and this was PERFECT!
I think we were all in agreement that Space mountain was one of our favourites. We waited about 30 mins, what a fantastic ride. When the ride had finished I said "AGAIN AGAIN" and guess what...they got a bit muddled and ended up sending us again! Hows about that for positive thinking!!! We were SO happy we were cheering SO loud! When the ride finished again I thought I would try my luck again but alas it only works one time! But then later that day (at least I think it was the same day) we got in the loooong line to ride Splash Mountain and got chatting to one of the cast members and he gave us a group fast pass!!! How fabulous is that!!! What great luck we were having! We had a LOT LOT LOT of fun. Disney at night is beautiful.
I have some fabulous items that I had purchased before I went to CHA which I will get in my store some time today. Yes I caved and now sell the Crop-a-dile and also some of the Making Memories tools, the new set ;) I will tell you soon about my new purchases too...SO exciting. But first I think I need to have a cup of tea and maybe take a little nap. We haven't stopped for 7 days!!!


joslyn said...

lots of memories! you are great!!! it was a blast to get to know you!

punknscrap said...

Wow, sounds like you had an awesome time. And I am so jealous....Disney even. lol.

Andrea, said...

Sounds like you have had such a lot of fun, bet Disney was fabulous

ScrapMomOf2 said...

CHA and Disney . . . way too much fun! Sounds like you had a GREAT time!

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like it was great:)x

Dawn said...

WOW - looks like you had a wonderful time! I am jealous too!

I would be floating on air for days from this trip.