Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Updated Kitchen! (Phase one)

We have been SO busy this weekend. We had new Quartz countertops fitted on Friday (Yay no more grubby tile grout to scrub with a toothbrush!) and so Saturday I spent 12+ hours painting the kitchen, hallway and nook. 12 hours!!! There was a LOT of edging! John (my clever husband) was the Gas Man...a plumber...and a tiler!!! among other professions! A very productive day. The next step will be refacing the cabinets. We found a fabulous direct buy website which only costs a fraction of the price that you would buy it from Lowes or Home depot for the exact same product :D Now I have chairs to fit together...I promise I will make a card today and post it by this evening. Right now I need to help at my daughters school...if I don't mark the Math homework then nobody will!!!! Hahahaha!


Dawny P said...

I am loving your kitchen - those worktops are fantastic!!! You lucky thing xxxx

"Lizzie" said...

oh wow, those counters look lovely! And look at John working so hard for you...good boy. :)

Meridith Anne said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful!!!