Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Busy Busy!

What a busy week I have had. I have been organizing my workspace which is why I haven't added anything to my blog for a few days! I moved everything out of my office, went to Ikea and bought some storage furniture and then have been in the process (for quite a while) of moving it all back in. The hard part is organizing it as it comes back in, everything needs a home. My friends will tell you that I can be quite particular about putting my scrapbook/card making things back in the right place/order. Tricia thought it was funny when she borrowed an alphabet set (before Lizzie Anne days) and when she put the letters back in the wrong order (i.e. not alphabetically) I gave her a look...hahaha! I try not to be too organized but I think it's an illness! I'm not sure if there is a cure!!! Here is my new wall of storage, I am so pleased with it. I love Ikea.


Taylor said...

wow! this looks gorgeous!

juliejules said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, love your storage!!!! Was in FLorida in February and couldnt believe how great the craft shops were!!! ANd how much cheaper than they are over here!!!! Spent hours in Michaels!!